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Review the PERAGOS Head 150C
and get up to 120€ Cashback

Peragos 150C Cashback V1.jpg


Buy an eligible Peragos 150C product directly from during the specified promotional period.


Create a video review of the Peragos 150C or just share the news about it on one of the social media platforms specified.

Register with us after 15 days and within 45 days after the date of purchase through


After your claim has been approved you'll get your Cashback within 30 days through the method of payment choosen during your purchase.

Share your thoughts about the
PERAGOS Head 150C 
with the world 

Peragos 150C Cashback V1.jpg

Reward Values

Share The News

Let your friends know about the launch of
the Peragos Head 150C by sharing it on
your favorite social media linking to us
including twitter, facebook, instagram or

Applicable Reward Value

€ 40

Shorty Product Review

Between 1-2 minutes

Published on Youtube,

instagram, facebook or tiktok

€ 80

Full Product Review
Over 2 minutes
Published on Youtube,
instagram, facebook or tiktok

€ 120

*Purchase a qualifying Peragos 150C from between 24th Dezember 2022 - 31st January 2023. Claims must be submitted within 15-45 days of the purchase date. Within 30 days of claim approval be eligible for up to €120 cashback in the form of payment type selected during your purchase. See
full Terms .

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